100, 300, and 500 Series

The Omnilock 100, 300, and 500 Series has been re-launched as the OM500 line. It is one of the most innovative systems available in the standalone market. Originally designed to replace the aged OM250 system, the 500 series is currently programmable by the WP4000 wireless printer via Infrared communication.

Applicable systems are OM500 QA500.



System Features

Maximum General Users: Up to 500 unique user codes (All Users can be extended to change access level of lock)

Maximum Submasters: 9 unique restrictable submasters

Time Limited Service Codes: Allows programming of a single code which automatically expires after programmed time duration (1 minute to 24 hours.)

Access Levels: Unlocked, Unlock with Code, Code Required, Lockout, Shutdown and Antitamper. Antitamper: Temporary disables keypad for period of 10 seconds if 3 invalid codes are entered. Prevents hackers from "guessing" codes.

Audit: retains activity of up to last 750 events, including entries, scheduled actions, antitamper mode, daylight savings setting, and user attempts.

Time schedule: Set up to 144 scheduled events for each of the seven days the week. Plus, 32 holiday schedules with 2 varying holiday schedules. Autocode: Allows programming of all 500 codes instantly!! Battery Life: 5 years/100,000 entries. 4 AA



Physical Specifications

Height: 7.45"

Width: 3.81"

Depth: 2.34"

Material: Zinc Alloy.

Finish: Available in Storm Gray, Satin Chrome and Midnight Black.

Keypad: Eleven Acetelyne buttons.